Note to self: Never buy anything from LG again


For the rest of my life I’m sticking with Pioneer. This ain’t the first and probably wont be the last optical drive from LG that gives me headaches in less than one year after I bought it. Apparently, this drive chokes reading some burned DVDs, even DVDs burned by itself, while other computers could read them without a hitch.

The internet is full of complaints for this drive, the GSA-H22N, and I remember well the experience I had working in a school full of computers with LG drives in the past also wasn’t exactly the most troubleless ever.

But the world is weird, isn’t it? Turns out the best writable CD media I’ve ever bought in my life was also branded by LG. For years I’ve used this media with my Pioneer 110D, the most fast, reliable, cool and affordable DVD±R burner I have ever bought.