Accord.NET has a new home!


As some might have noticed, Origo is going away until the end of the month. Origo maintainers were kind enough to support previous project owners with a tarball containing the entire contents from the hosted projects upon request; this means all Accord.NET content previously hosted on Origo can be gradually restored at Google Code one the next months.

The Accord.NET Framework is now at

With the hosting change there also comes a few updates. Version 2.7 is about to be released soon; this version now includes the highly requested Bag of Visual Words (BoW) based on the SURF feature point detector. This feature can be used to extract fixed-length feature vectors from images and train standard methods such as Support Vector Machines to perform image classification. Initial experiments with the χ² (chi-square) kernel have shown promising results.

The Accord.NET Framework project page, now hosted at Google Code.

Other hopefully useful features include new learning algorithms for hidden Markov models, such as the Viterbi training and the Maximum Likelihood Estimation training; and the introduction of the ISampleable interface for specifying distributions which can be sampled efficiently (i.e. now it is possible to drawn random samples from some distributions – including hidden Markov models). Other nice addition is the inclusion of the ScatterplotBox class for displaying data points in a scatterplot in a similar way to MessageBox.Show. It comes at hand to quickly inspect some spacial data in the middle of other calculations or even in live demonstrations.

As others might also have noticed, this site’s design also has changed, hopefully for the better.

As usual, I hope someone will find the new release useful 🙂