Cool Google Insights: Windows Vista vs Windows XP


This is the first post of a series of cool search volume comparisons now made possible with Google Insights for Search. Just click the title below to see its result directly on Insights:

Windows Vista vs Windows XP

Unlike a planned previous post I decided not to publish yet, this result was very predictable. People just search more for Windows XP than Windows Vista, and this ain’t recent news. Curiously, people at Guatemala seems to have the greatest interest on Vista, while India would rather search more for XP. Indeed, searching a little may even confirm what Indians have to say about Vista. For me only XP, too!

Also sorry, but I couldn’t resist. I had to post this:

Cool Google Insights!


Recently, Google unveiled its new service, Google Insights for Search.

With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, and time frames.

Indeed, with Google Insights for Search you can provide just a couple search terms and then let Google show you a comparison of search volume for those terms over time for any date range since 2004, along with a display of their local frequencies over a world map.
But although this new Google service may be targeted to advertisers, just think about the endless possibilities it gives to cultural, social and behavioral studies that can now be performed over Google’s logged data.

With Google Insights for Search, you can search for a term to track how much it’s been googled over time, where on a “heat map” it’s most popular, and what the top “related” and “rising” searches for the term are.

So, for example, we may now find out that queries for technology may be more popular in Nigeria than in India, that searches for fireworks tremendously rises as the new year holidays approaches, we may follow the rise of firefox, find out how people got really worried about trying to stop global warming over the first semester of 2007, but also see that by now much of those concerns may have been forgotten. Or we may even confirm that Obama is more popular than McCain not only on the U.S. but on the rest of the world as well.

On future posts, to be filled under this same Google Insights label, I’ll post cool searches comparisons that may (or may not) reflect our current reality, culture and behaviour worldwide. Feel free to grab this blog rss feed if you wish following!