Microsoft Starts Inviting to WDK Beta for Windows 7


WindowsLogo_256x256 I’ve just received an email from Microsoft inviting for the new WDK Beta for Windows 7. The Windows Driver Kit, which includes the kernel-mode driver framework (KMDF) and user-mode driver framework (UMDF), along with the Windows Logo Kit, are the step one for building software which interacts deeply with the OS or with hardware devices, such as device drivers or filesystems.


Dear WDK/WLK User:

I would like to invite you to join the WDK Beta program for Windows 7. The PC Ecosystem Connect site will provide you with Windows 7 beta downloads of:

  • The WDK
  • Free and Checked Builds of the OS
  • Symbols
  • The WLK
  • The Windows SDK

The feedback link at the site will create a report that goes directly into the Windows 7 bug database – you will get email as your issue is resolved, so you can track it.

Please join the beta, download the WDK, and make sure all of your drivers build correctly using the new WDK. Also, check out OACR – it runs Prefast for Drivers by default whenever you build a driver.


Thank you for your help.
WDK Team


Ensuring a smooth transition to Windows 7 is great deal for Microsoft, as compatibility problems with both existing and newer hardware was Vista‘s major issue when it first hit the stores, causing permanent damage to its popularity even if most of those issues are already gone.

Hopefully Microsoft has learned the first impression the public gets about the OS will be the real matter; Vista was certainly ahead of its time but it was needed to make room (and need) for a new, polished and fresh product, which I hope is going to be Seven. I hope Microsoft gets everything right this time.

The End of The Earth?


The first attempt to circulate a beam in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be made on 10 September.

Let’s just hope everything works fine… Because otherwise the entire world may be sucked into the first human-created black hole!

Update: The test has finished and…. we are still alive! Well, for the while, at least! Thats because the experiment did not actually collide any particles yet, it just served to test the creation of the clockwise and counter-clockwise beams, without crossing each other. The Cern team hasn’t yet announced when it will start smashing particles together, but low-energy collision may happen as soon as the next few days.

Update 2: The countdown has started again. The deadline is now October 21, 2008!

Note: It’s obvious the Large Hadron Collider will not “create a mammoth black hole that will swallow up the earth“. While it may look as a giant device in our human eyes, in universe terms it lacks even the tiniest fraction of the power needed to create such – still hipothetical – black holes. The countdown exists because a lot of things may change in the way we comprehend the universe. Things that till today have only been predicted by theory may finally be observed in the real world.

Nossa! O Google Chrome travou. Deseja reiniciá-lo agora?

Simplesmente não consigo entrar nas configurações do Chrome sem crashar o browser. Talvez seja porque estou rodando Windows XP x64 Edition, ou porque, logo na instalação, quando o setup avisava que estava prestes a importar as configurações do Internet Explorer, cliquei no link azul “Alterar preferencias de importação” [ou algo assim] e o setup simplesmente fechou e sumiu, sem mais nem menos.

Achei legal o espanto na mensagem de erro. Nossa! Ainda bem que é beta =P