Wireless energy made true at the IDF2008

“Something like this technology could be embedded in tables and work surfaces, so as soon as you put down an appropriately equipped device it would immediately begin drawing power.”

Images taken from the Intel Developer Forum 2008, the event where the wireless power technology was showcased, along with additional information about the topic are available here, here and here.

The system, called a “wireless resonant energy link“, transmits energy through strongly coupled resonators, much like how a singer can shatter glass singing at the same particular resonance frequency of the target material.

But frankly, like someone pointed out, I would too think twice before standing on the same room as that transmitter while it is doing its magic. What could possibly (and unnoticeably) happen if you somehow get inbetween those daunting antennas?

And just in case you are wondering what the picture on the top right is all about, it is an artistic representation of the Wardenclyffe Tower, a wireless eletricity demonstration tower that Nikola Tesla began building in 1901, but which was never completed. Could at least a tiny fraction of Tesla‘s dreams finally come true with some efforts from a chip maker company?

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