OpenDNS – Providing A Safer And Faster Internet


OpenDNS protects millions of people a day across hundreds of thousands of schools, businesses and homes. It blocks phishing sites, gives you the power to filter out adult sites and proxies among more than 50 categories, and provide the precision to block individual domains.

Well, when I first heard about it, OpenDNS was a much smaller service. For three years I’ve been using its DNS service and I must admit, during all this time I never truly realized which benefits it was bringing me. But when I got a new computer, man, the difference became highly visible. You know, its hard to notice something when it never fails! With OpenDNS, you get faster domain name resolution, resulting in pages loading faster. You also get protection from phishing, autocorrection of address bar typos, and all sort of useful extra things you just wouldn’t expect from a DNS server, but which, after using once, you feel like those should have been a standard feature of DNS servers from the very beginning. 

To make use of the OpenDNS service, which is free, configure your system (computer, router, modem) to use the following dns servers:

For more information, be sure to visit and the read the starter guide for new users.

Ah, e é claro, nem preciso dizer que o serviço oferecido pelo OpenDNS é especialmente útil para nós, usuários reféns da telefônica. Para quem o utilizava durante a pane geral no sistema da telefonica, teve seus sintomas bastante atenuados. Não apenas isso, mas a maioria dos bloqueios infames ocorridos no país, como o bloqueio nacional ao youtube, a ameaça de bloqueio ao wordpress, o misterioso bloqueio da telefonica ao google pages e outros tipos de acontecimentos ridículos também podem ser evitados utilizando-se este serviço gratuito.

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