Google Desktop on Windows x64


Google Desktop now offers a command line flag to force installation on 64 bit machines. Just install with

 googledesktopsetup.exe /force

If you don’t wanna deal with the command line, just right click the setup executable, then click “Create Shortcut“. Right-click the newly created shortcut, select properties, then add the /force to the end of the target path text box. Hit ok and finally double click it. Voilà!

Google Desktop used to work on 64 bit Windows (like Windows XP x64 Edition and Windows Vista 64 bit), but ceased installing some months ago. I have used Google Desktop normally on my desktop before, but I got surprised when a newer version went out simply telling me it wouldn’t install because Google Desktop wasn’t anymore supported on my platform, leaving me with no software at all. I don’t know exactly to which extent the “not supported” definition goes, but, for now, the software has been running just well. The Google Desktop Help Center reports that certain features may not work correctly, so you have been warned.

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