A few Chrome thoughts


Chrome is obviously missing an undo close tab function. It is really annoying to mistakenly click “close tab” (the x button next to the tab’s name) while switching tabs. Also, I would expect Chrome to remember what I typed on a form whenever I go back and forth in a site just like Opera does.

On Opera, the only thing one has to do to restore a recently closed tab is hit Ctrl-Z so the tab magically reappears with all information one had previously typed in. It is true the browser can restore itself whenever it crashes, but this ain’t necessarily true for user-typed information. I think this, the lack for mouse gestures and good bookmark synchronization are the only major drawbacks for the browser at the moment.

Also, Chrome doesn’t seem to perform very well on old machines, such as the old 1GHz Athlon Thunderbird box I use when I’m back to my hometown on the weekends. Opera and Internet Explorer ran just fine, but Chrome is sometimes sluggish, specially with Youtube videos or with more than 5 tabs open. Bad news, since I like to start mid-clicking everything I find interesting, opening new tabs in the background for later reading. This is probably due to how Chrome manages tabs using separate processes, but is a drawback, nonetheless.

Last note: In order to get the dead tab picture, I googled for some random website and started middle-clicking it like crazy. After 10 or more clicks, one of the new tabs (only one) finally crashed, showing that picture. But after a few seconds, all my other tabs (including the Blogger’s post editor I was using to write this) began chaging to the same screen! I think those tabs processes aren’t exactly as separate as it seems!

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