Photoshop CS3: White isn’t actually white


Perhaps this is one of the oddest issues I’ve ever seen. I just installed Photoshop CS3, opened some pictures to edit and, oddly enough, they were all kind of “warmed up”. I mean, they were more orange or beige than they should. In fact, choosing RGB 255,255,255 (which is pure white) was being displayed as beige!

Photoshop showing beige as white

I know this may be a useful feature for real artists, but I think I’ll pass on that. I think some error occurred when Photoshop was detecting the monitor profile and ended up like this.


Well, if you are experiencing this same behavior as me, open Photoshop, click Edit > Color Settings then select “Monitor Color” in the drop-down box. Press Ok.

Photoshop Color Settings

I guess it will be fixed by now.