Accord.NET Framework – An extension to AForge.NET

Today I have just released the first version of Accord.NET. The Accord.NET Framework is a C# framework I have developed over the years while working on several areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistics.

The Accord.NET Framework extends the excellent AForge.NET Framework with new tools and libraries. In order to use Accord.NET, you must have AForge.NET already installed. The first version number of Accord.NET will be used to indicate the compatibility status with AForge.NET versions, thus the first version will be starting at 2.0.0.


The framework is comprised by the set of libraries and sample applications, which demonstrate their features:

  • Accord.Statistics – library with statistical analysis and other tools;
  • Accord.Imaging – extension to the AForge.NET Imaging library with new filters and routines;
  • Accord.Neuro – extension to the AForge.NET Neuro library with other learning algorithms;
  • Accord.MachineLearning – extension to AForge’s machine learning library with Support Vector Machines;
  • Accord.Audio – experimental library with filters and audio processing routines.


The Framework has just been released, so be ready to expect bugs and unpolished/unfinished areas. The code is released under a LGPL license. For additional help, issues, and discussions, please refer to the recently created forums.


  1. Looks like a very interesting project César, well done!

    The SVN Repository is currently passworded, could it be opened? (Makes it much easier to track the project evolution/changes).


  2. Dear Cesar

    Is it possible to use the AVIWriter of AForge to capture a video and the AudioSource of Accord to capture an audio stream and then add the audio track to the video? How can the two sources be synchronised?

    If it is possible can you please help me with a code snippet in C# as an example?


    Pieter Blignaut

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