Wrapping up!

As many of you might have noticed by now, the Accord.NET project has been archived on GitHub.  The project had grown way beyond my current capabilities at this time, and I felt my hiatus from the project was being more detrimental to the community than just letting it go into the hands of the next amazing developers who might find it useful and decide to take the token into their hands and re-use the best parts of it into the projects they would seem fit.

The machine learning landscape has greatly evolved since I had started this project ~15 years ago. I am certain that the knowledge that had been stored in the form of code within the framework is going to be useful for many people, and I cannot wait to see what more advanced things are going to come up in the future.

If anyone would like, feel free to grab the framework and tear it apart, grab the parts that worked better for you and fork it! As I had mentioned in the now permanent notice at the framework page, if I (Cesar De Souza) am the solely developer of any of the classes you would like to reuse, I hereby grant you an irrevocable license to do so. If I am not the only author, and the current license of the file you would like to port does not suit your needs, I can help you contact their original developers to help you re-use within your open or closed source applications.

Those past years have been an amazing ride and let’s keep ML in .NET evolving!